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Will we ever learn?

The Obama administration has said that empowering Sunni tribes in Iraq and the mostly-Sunni opposition in Syria is crucial to their strategy to degrade and destroy ISIS.

This is honestly starting to get old. Lets empower and train extremists in the Middle East to help with the fight against Russia: created Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda turns against it's creators. Let's help with the fight in Syria by training the rebels there: created ISIS. ISIS turns against it's creators. What's next? How many more times will they do this before they learn?

It just seems that there is profit in fighting in the Middle East for all sides. Funding from the US for one side. Funding from Russia for the other side. Funding from Iraq, which is funded by Russia for the other other side. And of course, the indirect attempt at destabilization geared towards Russia from the US and US from Russia.

Powering Africa

When Obama visited the poorest nations in the poorest continent (Africa) and promised to double electricity output by pledging $7 billion to "Power Africa," I instantly knew how that money was going to be utilized: It wasn't. 1.7% of the $7 billion has been utilized to date! WOW!

You can't invest a nation with the kind of corruption that's plaguing their government and expect these corrupt individuals to spend the $7 billion appropriately! What the US did is give Africa's corrupt a $7 billion check. "Here you go. Spend it wisely!"

I'm all for helping the underprivileged, but do so in a responsible manner. Pledge $7 billion but send in your own team, your project managers, to recruit and build a team in Africa which will carry out the build; then send your accountants to keep track of every last penny spent. Once that's done, more money can and should be invested in helping out a nation that desperately needs it.

On the other hand, it's dif…


Geo-engineering is right around the corner. There are numerous projects that scientists are currently working on. One of the touted projects includes spraying low-level clouds with sea salt to make them reflective to the sun; another would pump aerosols or sulfur particles into the atmosphere to disperse sunlight; and others would see greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide sucked out of the air to reduce global warming.

Instead of focusing on eradicating the issue before it becomes a full-fledged problem, we're focusing on fixing the aftermath. Countless have turned to our leaders in vain for help with common-sense problems; time and time again they continue to disappoint. Why? Simple: Greed.

We as individuals (collectively as a race) have the power to persuade the politicians to take us seriously. We wont get rid of the lobbyists but we can change who the more powerful lobbyist is working for. Just like we've pumped countless income into the oil companies, we can do the same …

High Intelligence through Warfare

Warfare not only hastened human technological progress and vast social and political changes, but may have greatly contributed to the evolutionary emergence of humans' high intelligence and ability to work together toward common goals.

Finally, an explanation that sheds some light to why we still have war. Of course there are numerous other reasons, but I tend to lean to the species development of high intelligence as my personal favorite.

It almost seems like evolution has constantly pushed us unknowingly towards conflict. One reason being to further develop the winner's mind thus solidifying the existence of our species and the other to rid us of the non-beneficial herd. I know this seems insensitive but evolution is just that.

Da Vinci's Drapery for a Seated Figure

Drapery for a Seated Figure is a painting done by Leonardo di ser Piero Da Vinci in 1470. It's currently displayed in Musée du Louvre in Paris, France. The painting was done in Italy. The style portrayed is High Renaissance on Canvas material.

Although called Drapery for a Seated Figure, to me it almost looks like a person crouching down, his right hand on top of his knee and close to his face. Possibly even crouching over somebody that's laying down on the ground. To me a head-shape figure emerges on the bottom-left of the canvas. The shadows of the painting are superb making the painting almost seem like a photograph.