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Your Future Self

How to stop your procrastinating tendencies and make overall better lifetime decisions
Any conscious decision in your life depends on a conscious thought. Due to the simple fact that many solutions seem common sense, we tend to dismiss those claims and never receive any positive impact from them.
The claim that I'm about to assert was revealed to me within a very common-sense article: that we have a "Now-Me" and a "Future-Me." The Now-Me tends to repeatedly win regardless of the situation; your Future-Me on the other hand suffers even though he or she's equally as important as your Now-Me. 
Hindsight's 20/20
How many times have we reflected about what we should have done and where we would have been if we stuck through with some certain task/procedure/challenge? I think it's best to demonstrate this with examples.
1. A simple example: You tell Now-Me that you're going to start exercising and eating healthier. You may or may not start immediately but …