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Programming Language Concepts Test Questions/Answers

One of the easiest methods that I use to learn new topics is by creating notes on the subject and then by turning those notes into questions and answers. Remembering answers to questions just seems more natural. I was able to memorize 323 questions and answers in a matter of a couple of days. I wanted to start doing this for some topics that I find pretty interesting. To begin, here are some questions and answers to Programming Language Concepts (PLC). I'm reading your mind right now and the answer is yes, there will be more.
1. Name 3 reasons for studying PLC. - Better understanding of current programming languages - Advancement of computing - Increased capability to express ideas - Increased capability to learn new programming language. - Better understanding of which programming language to choose. 
2. Name the 5 programming domains and languages best suited for each. - Scientific (Fortran, ALGOL 60)
- Business (COBOL)
- AI (Lisp, Scheme, Prolog)
- Web (PHP, Java, JavaScript)
- Ga…

Importing a large database

If you're trying to import a large database into your local database, there's really a simple solution.

On Windows, if you're running WAMP Server, click on the WAMPSERVER icon in your task-bar. Under the MySQL folder, select my.ini. In the text file, you'll see a myisam_sort_buffer_size. Change it to something large (i.e. 1000M). Save the file and restart all services (click the WAMPSERVER icon and click Restart All Services).

Next, open CMD. Navigate to your mysql folder in the wamp directory. For me it was:

In the bin folder, there will be a utility called mysql that we'll use in a second.

To simplify the next step, once you've exported the .sql database, move the file from your Downloads Folder to the same bin folder specified above (note that your path may be different than mine).

Once the file is in the folder, i.e. test.sql, make sure that on your local server you have a database created with the same name as the one you e…