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Syncing WAMP database and www folder in DropBox

I change 3-4 computers each day. I quickly figured out that I can sync my root www wamp folder. It makes it easier to continue work when I go from one computer to the next. The steps to sync your www folder and database tables are quite simple.

Make sure that you have WAMP installed on your Windows computerCreate two folders in your Dropbox account: www and database.Left click on your WAMP icon, scroll over Apache and click on httpd-vhosts.conf file.Edit the following lines and replace them with your www locationDocumentRoot "C:/Users/Dino Cajic/Dropbox/wamp/www"<Directory "C:/Users/Dino Cajic/Dropbox/wamp/www/">Next you'll need to sync your database.Go to C:/wamp64/bin/mysql/mysql5.7.19/dataCopy the contents of the folder and save it in Dropbox/wamp/databaseNext, go to C:/wamp64/bin/mysql/mysql5.7.19/ and edit my.iniModify datadir. Mine went from datadir="c:/wamp64/bin/mysql/mysql5.7.19/data" to datadir="c:/Users/Dino Cajic/Dropbox/wamp/dat…